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Shade Card created: February, 2011


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Amazing color, texture, and pattern changes all in one yarn!  Let Macaibo do all the design work while you simply knit along.  An excellent choice for lighter scarves (check out our free download pattern “Not a Celebrity Scarf”)  or openwork tops.  Dressed up or down you can wear Macaibo all over town. 

The possibilities are endless with this new cotton/viscose variegated ribbon yarn that knits up to double knitting weight. A beautiful yarn for scarves and cowls, Macaibo would also be a lovely knit with another yarn such as a mohair or alpaca. The 50g ball has an impressive 145 meters and retails for $11.50.

• 51% Cotton - 49% Viscose
• 175 yards per 50 gram ball
• 4-4.5 mm (approx. US 6-7) needles
• Approx. 5.5 sts per inch


Macaibo #03
Macaibo #01
Macaibo #04
Macaibo #02
Macaibo #05

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