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Ed Oldfield's creations; see details below!

We are glad to annouce that we carry Ed Oldfield's wonderful Raku Pottery again! It's a homecoming.
Raku pottery is created in a sophisticated process which generates amazing colours and shine. The Raku process is exciting and unpredictable, it is nearly impossible to get the same results twice. Raku is removed from the kiln at 1,800 degrees F. and placed in a reduction chamber containing sawdust and paper, where it immediately catches on fire. It is then covered over and left to "reduce" (causing a lack of oxygen). The result is pottery with iridescent, crackle and metallic colours not found in other forms of pottery.

this page updated March 2017
We just got new sculptures in and wait for more product.

Ed Oldfield's Raku Pottery
Ed lives in Powell River "just across the Strait" and specializes on Raku bowls and limited editions Raku Salmon and other fish species, mounted on driftwood. These Raku/driftwood sculptures make for special home accents.

click to enlarge picture
2 Salmon and Herring on Driftwood

Two Raku Salmon and three Herring mounted on Driftwood
, 52" wide x 16" high; wall hanging sculpture
SOLD! Want to order a similar one?


click to enlarge picture
Yellow Eye and Sea Stars

Raku Yellow Eye Rockfish and five Star Fish mounted on Driftwood
, 20" wide x 38" high; wall hanging sculpture


click to enlarge picture
7 Sea Stars on Driftwood

Seven Raku Star Fish mounted on Driftwood
, 7" wide x 43" high; wall hanging sculpture


click to enlarge picture
Ed Oldfield: two Sockeye on Driftwood

Two Raku Sockeye Salmon mounted on Driftwood, 32" wide x 38" high; impressive wall hanging sculpture


click to enlarge picture
Ed Oldfield: Coho Salmon on Driftwood

Raku Coho Salmon mounted on Driftwood, 20"wide x 15"high; freestanding sculpture

This sculpture now has a story to tell! Stolen and brought back in August - undamaged.
SOLD! Want to order a similar one?


click to enlarge picture
Starfish wall hangers and on Rocks

Starfish Wallhangers
4.5" to 8"

Starfish on Rocks

3" to 5"


$25 ea.
$30 ea.

click to enlarge picture
One Seastar on Driftwood

Single Raku Sea Star mounted on Driftwood, 20" wide


Raku with Pussy Willows

Ed's Raku Vases with Pussy Willows
Timeless in design: Ed Oldfield's Raku Vases of different shapes, each decorated with a ring of Pussy Willows. Surprisingly, these dried pussies hold well for many years.
Limited edition series, these came in new in March 2017


click to enlarge picture
Ed Oldfield: Raku Rockfish on Driftwood

Raku Rockfish on Driftwood; 15" wide x 10" high
(also called yellow eye)

SOLD in August 2016. We take orders!


Pacific Barnacle Vases; different shapes and sizes available
4" to 5" high
5 1/2" to 6" high
$ 75
$ 120
Ed Oldfield: Vase with Starfish

Raku Vase with Starfish
; 7" high
This new batch of vases came in March 2017

$ 80

click to enlarge picture
Ed Oldfield: Vases with Cherry Bark Trim

Raku Vases/Utensil Pots with Cherry Bark trim;
6 1/2" and 7 1/2" high 

$ 85

Barnacle Vase and Starfish on Driftwood

Barnacle Vase
with Starfish on the back of the vase (doesn't show in photo)
Starfish on Driftwood is a separate item

$ 95

$ 35

All prices in Canadian $
To place your order, read our policies first and then go to Contact Us. Phone toll-free 1-888-588-7834 for your order and credit card information, or email us.

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