Sally Melville - The Knit Stitch

Sally Melville - The Knit Stitch


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The Knitting Experience, Book 1

Sally Melville - Book 1: The Knit Stitch

This book teaches the techniques of knitting, including materials, equipment, stitches, increasing and decreasing, and preventing and fixing mistakes, and includes patterns for dozens of projects.

“The Knitting Revolution? What is revolutionary about knitting today is who is knitting, what they are knitting and most of all why they are knitting. What better time for a fresh approach to the learn-to-knit book? The Knitting Revolution focuses on the knit stitch with introductory chapters. This primer is the closest thing between 2 covers to a knitting coach. Hundreds of clear step-by-step photographs take you through each skill. Loads of tips and special attention to details ensure that absolute beginners can complete any of the more than thirty projects successfully. Like knitting today this book is personal passionate powerful-exactly what the new knitter is looking for and irresistible to the already-converted.

128 pages

publisher: Xrx Books; 1 edition (Nov. 1, 2002)

ISBN-10: 9781893762138

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About the Author

In more than 50 years of knitting and 35 years of teaching, Sally Melville has taken hundreds of finished garments off her needles and taught hundreds of different classes. Today, she is the author of seven knitting books including Sally Melville StylesThe Knitting Experience series and Knitting Pattern Essentials. Her gift for making knitting simple, useful and fun has long made Sally a beloved instructor. Sally is dedicated to helping knitters make pieces they'll be proud to show the world!

We had the profound pleasure to get to know Sally here in Campbell River, teaching classes at our Vancouver Island Fibre Fest.