Pip & Pin - Strand

Pip & Pin - Strand


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Mixing Yarn for Custom Knits

Megan Nodecker & Katie-Anne Williams

Learn to knit and create unique chunky fabrics with Strand. Pip & Pin’s first book shows you the ins and outs of knitting basics with a comprehensive illustrated guide, plus tips and tricks to get creative by combining yarns. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn and grow your skills or a seasoned knitter searching for inspiration, Strand is a book for all levels.

Knitting patterns included in this book will guide a beginner through learning to knit as well as inspire established knitters to create their own unique and one of a kind fabrics. 

  1. Mica: Easy Bow Headband

  2. Fragment: Colour Block Cowl

  3. Granite: Marled Hat 

  4. Shale: Marled Fade Scarf

  5. Fossil & Flint: Mittens & Fingerless Gloves

  6. Boulder: Seed Stitch Cowl

  7. Glacier: Giant Seed Stitch Cowl

  8. Avalanche: A Great Big Blanket

  9. Bedrock: Oversized Cardigan 

66 pages; Includes digital download code.

publisher: Measured Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-2285-0128-2

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