Lazadas Blocking Wires

Lazadas Blocking Wires


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The Lazadas knitting blocking wires can be used for lace as well as for sweaters, they are super elastic, can be bent, but they have the ability to snap back to a straight wire. They won’t rust on your garment and they are hard enough for long durability.

The “Mix” Blocking Wire Set contains 4 super flexible blocking wires 35” (90 cm) long each, 3 super flexible blocking wire 70” (180 cm) each and 30 Nickel plated T-Pins. This set is a combination of the short and the long set, great for all kind of projects. From shawls to cardigans and baby blankets. Straight, circular or scalloped edges.

The “Long” Blocking Wire Set contains 5 super flexible blocking wires 70” (180 cm) long each and 30 Nickel plated T-Pins. This set is perfect for blocking medium and large projects like stoles, big shawls and baby blankets.

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