Zealana - Kauri Worsted

Zealana - Kauri Worsted


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Content: 60% fine New Zealand merino, 10% mulberry silk, 30% brushtail possum
Amount: 50g
Weight: Worsted
Recommended needle size: 7.5 mm (US 10.5 - 11)
Gauge: 20sts over 10cm
Yardage: 86m / 94 y

machine wash gentle, lay flat to dry.

Zealana KAURI is one of our ultra resilient blends with a touch of silk. Its unique makeup of 60% fine New Zealand merino, 10% mulberry silk, and 30% brushtail possum make it the perfect choice for garments that need to go the extra mile and back again...with lots of washings in between!

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Some facts that you may not know about the possum from New Zealand:

  • Possums are not native animals to New Zealand

  • They were first introduced from Australia in 1837, and have no natural enemies

  • There are approx. 60 million possums in New Zealand, reproducing at 30% per year

  • It is considered a pest, destroying native plants, animals and birds in New Zealand's environment

  • Possums eat and destroy nearly 20,000 tonnes of vegetation - every night!

The Possum fibre is:

  • 55% warmer than merino

  • 35% warmer than cashmere

  • shown to have a high resistence to pilling compared to other natural fibres

  • exceptionally soft to the touch

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Here is a free pattern with Zealana Kauri. Click on the picture to download!