addiClick Crochet Hook Set

addiClick Crochet Hook Set


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You have been waiting for crochet hooks to be clicked onto your addiClick cords! You’ll be able to pick up stitches with ease, work Tunesian Crochet, bind off stitches quickly, or create entirely new stitches with a needle tip on one end, and a hook to the other.

Hook sizes included:

  • 3.75 mm (US -)

  • 4 mm (US F)

  • 4.5 mm (US G)

  • 5 mm (US H)

  • 5.5 mm (US I)

  • 6 mm (US J)

  • 8 mm (US l)

  • 9 mm (US M)

  • 8 mm (US L)

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