Clearance Page officially launched

Berroco’s Fiora is just one more yarn line on the chopping block - check out our new clearance page. More to come and all at 30% off

Wondering what we did with the leftovers of our Gaint Fall Sale a couple of weeks ago?

  • some (few) yarns went back in the shelf

  • some leftovers landed in a 70% OFF bin in the store

  • some yarns are used up for knitting kits sold in the shop

  • some lines you now find in our new Clearance Page

We just got notice about more yarn lines discontinued by our suppliers. It’s just a matter of time that they show up as well in the Clearance Page. At the same time we got quite a number of new yarns coming in so that the overall portfolio of the shop stays rounded and more up to date.

Check out the new yarns in the store, you’ll find these new yarns in our online shop here as well.

Jurgen KettlerComment