2 new Book Arrivals - new BC Designer

Here comes a Christmas gift idea for a knitter: we just received 2 interesting books from two BC ladies, both containing patterns which reflect the West Coast living. Their names are Megan Nodecker and Katie-Anne Williams, their company's name is Pip & Pin. Come in and have a look. Now available in our online shop as well.

Learn to knit and create unique chunky fabrics with Strand. Pip & Pin’s first book shows you the ins and outs of knitting basics with a comprehensive illustrated guide, plus tips and tricks to get creative by combining yarns. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn and grow your skills or a seasoned knitter searching for inspiration, Strand is a book for all levels.

Knitting patterns included in this book will guide a beginner through learning to knit as well as inspire established knitters to create their own unique and one of a kind fabrics. 

  1. Mica: Easy Bow Headband

  2. Fragment: Colour Block Cowl

  3. Granite: Marled Hat 

  4. Shale: Marled Fade Scarf

  5. Fossil & Flint: Mittens & Fingerless Gloves

  6. Boulder: Seed Stitch Cowl

  7. Glacier: Giant Seed Stitch Cowl

  8. Avalanche: A Great Big Blanket

  9. Bedrock: Oversized Cardigan 

This Must Be The Place is a knitting book containing seven patterns inspired by our home in British Columbia, Canada. It’s a beautiful place that we feel deeply connected to, and we wanted to share it with you by creating cozy knits that can be worn wherever you live. Through knitting, we hope you will be able to experience a little piece of the place we call home. 

British Columbia is a temperamental place with vast and varying landscapes, each with its own characteristics and aesthetics. This Must Be The Place contains patterns that represent our feelings and cherished memories across the province, from summer campfires by the lake to winter walks on our windy beaches. 

Each pattern was designed to be loved and worn. They are made with simple lines and straightforward construction so that you can wear them on any occasion.

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